Wired for Simplicity – from Amacoil

Wired for Simplicity – from Amacoil



ABOVE: The Showmark FS-230 fiber optic winder is designed for fast winding of fiber into application-specific take-up spools. The machine includes a tension controller and an electronically controlled clamp-and-cut system.


A SCREW-BASED WINDING SYSTEM requires synchronization of the motor driving the take-up reel with the motor driving the traverse. Here, this is accomplished with electronic controls and programming.


THE SHOWMARK FS-10 fiber optic winder is an easy-to-operate tabletop winder featuring a built-in line counter and tension control. The linear motion of the fiber guide is automatically synchronized with the take-up drive motor without electronics or programming.




SPOOLS OF FIBER OPTIC MATERIAL are clamped to the steel framework of the Showmark custom-designed winder. The fiber is then re-spooled for distribution. The photo above right shows a close-up of the traverse winding system.