Take-ups produce spools with neat and even rows of material that unwind without snags or tangles.

OTT (General Purpose)

The easy to use OTT comes in three sizes. They are ideal for spooling material as it exits a process or feeds from a payoff. OTT’s can be configured for simple pulling and spooling, or they can maintain a desired tension while synchronizing with the output rate from an extruder or other process.

MTU (Moving Spool)

MTU’s are ideal for winding delicate or ribbon materials. The moving spool design assures a straight path onto the spool and minimizes stress from twisting and pulling at an angle. They are typically equipped with tension control for automatic synchronization with the output from an extruder or other process.


Programmable Take-ups are servo motor driven moving spool systems that pull with precise tension control as low as 5g while producing neatly wound spools of material. They are programmed through a touchscreen interface and can store hundreds of recipes for quick setup and changeover.


Our Multi-Axis Take-ups can neatly wind onto 2 to 6 spools at a time with independent control of tension, length measurement, and traverse settings for each spool. They are often paired with our Multi-Axis Payoff units.


A servo motor driven puller is combined with a tension controlled winding section to pull wire from a process with precise speed control and wind it neatly onto a spool at a desired tension. The pulling speed can be based on feedback from a laser micrometer to control product diameter to within microns.

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