Showmark Programmable Fine Wire Take-up and Payoff Unit
Fully programmable system for paying off or winding fine wires and filaments. It controls tension down to 5 grams while feeding or winding material coming from a process. It stores recipes for all the settings for 100’s of combinations of spool and wire sizes including length and tension. The same unit will feed wire when it is pulled or wind wire when it exits a process.

Fine Wire Take-up with Servo Driven Capstan Puller: Showmark Pull-N-Spool combines a servo motor driven belt capstan with a traversing take-up section that includes an electronic clutch for controlling the winding tension down to less than 20 grams. The system can be configured for accurate speed control. It can also monitor analog feedback from a laser micrometer to precisely control the diameter of material exiting an extruder or optical fiber draw tower. Watch Take-up Video & Read Full Transcript Here

2-Axis Fine Wire Takeup System: Two Showmark OTT-Mini wire take-up units are stacked together to create this 2-axis take-up system. Each independent axis pulls wire with a controlled amount of tension. The tension can be extremely low for use with delicate wires and filaments. Each axis includes separate tension controls and a length counter/controller. The controller can stop the specific axis when a certain length is reached. In this case it does not stop, but flashes to alert an operator that the target length has been reached for that spool.

Showmark OTT-Mini Wire Takeup Unit Winding .002″ wire

Showmark Moving Take-up Units (MTU): Two Showmark Moving Take-up Units (MTU) are stacked together to form a 2-axis system for neatly spooling fine wire, tubing, ribbon or other delicate material. Each MTU is CE-marked and enclosed in an electrically interlocked safety enclosure.

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