Re-Spooling Services

Do you have a spooling job that needs a quick turnaround, or requires experience with delicate high value materials such as optical fiber or nanofilaments? Save time and money and let Showmark fulfill your winding needs. Our technicians have experience with applications ranging from simple respooling with conventional wire, 3D filament, and fishing line to carefully handled coils of optical fiber. We use our own top-quality machines that precisely control tension, winding pitch, and length with up to .06% accuracy. If necessary, we will design and build a dedicated machine for an ongoing special requirement. We are open to jobs of any size and stock or can get spools in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your needs.
Freestanding Optical Fiber Coil
A Sampling of our Spooling Services
  • General Respooling for manufacturers needing
    to divide a bulk spool into smaller spools for
    distribution throughout their facilities
  • Precision Respooling with Accurate Control of
    Material Length, Tension, and Placement
  • EDFA Coils and other freestanding Optical Fiber Coils
  • Low Loss Fiber Optic Delay Lines
  • Fiber Optic Launch Boxes
  • Sensor Spooling and Coiling
We Feature
  • Quality Service
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Premium Packing Materials
  • 20 Years of Experience
Spooled Fishing Line Spools ready to ship
Coils Sitting on Corning Fiber Spools
Various Spools, Sizes and Materials
16 Inch Optical Fiber Delay Coils

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Various Colored Wire Stacked Spools

Every job will wind up just the way you want it.