Showmark manufactures Pull Type and Bend Type Proof Testers for use with bare optical fiber.


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Pull Type Proof Tester

The PT-5KG is an easy-to-use solution for meeting TIA-455-31 (FOTP-31) Proof Testing Optical Fibers by Tension requirements. The 1-meter long proof test zone uses dual servo motor driven capstans to provide continuous tension testing with a settable range up to 5Kg. The winding speed can be as high as 200 meters/minute. Separate tension control is provided in the payoff and take-up sections. The system also doubles as a general purpose fiber respooler.

Bend Type Proof Testers

Bend Type Proof Testers pull fiber at an accurate speed through a customer supplied bend test apparatus; usually consisting of a series of guide wheels sized specifically for the type of fiber being tested. The machine is designed with two physically separate sections that can be positioned as far apart as necessary for insertion of the bend test assembly. A servo motor driven belt capstan pulls the fiber from the payoff section at a consistent speed. The fiber travels in a straight horizontal path at a desired tension through the bend test zone. It winds up neatly onto a new spool after the capstan.

Industry Solutions

Proof Testers can often be used in the following industries:

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