Programmable Take-ups

Programmable Take-ups are necessary when intelligent control is required and for gentle handling of the most delicate wire, filaments and tubing.


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Programmable Take-ups

Programmable Take-ups are an ideal solution for spooling very delicate wire, filament, or tubing as it exits an extruder, annealing furnace, cleaning operation, or other process. They usually include an inline tension transducer for true closed-loop control and automatically synchronize to precisely maintain tension as material is fed by the process. The servo motor driven take-up shaft and traverse neatly wind the material according to recipes that can be stored and recalled through a touchscreen interface.

Programmable Take-ups can be paired with our Programmable Payoffs for coextrusion and other applications requiring precise control on both sides of a process.


Industry Solutions

Programmable Take-ups can often be used in the following industries:

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