MTU – Moving Spool

The MTU family of take-up units is ideal for delicate materials that cannot tolerate twisting such as ribbon cable, flattened wire, or thin walled tubing.


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MTU (Moving Take-up Unit)

The spool on a Moving Take-up Unit (MTU) is carried by a traversing system as it rotates. As a result, the material travels in a straight line onto the spool. This design minimizes stress and twisting and is ideal for delicate flat wire or strip materials. The system also potentially produces a neater wind. Showmark offers the MTU-Mini, Medium, and Max for spools up to 30 inches in diameter, 15 inches wide and weighing up to 300 pounds. The systems shown includes a length counter/controller and an electronic slip clutch system for tension control. Mini and Medium versions with the CE-Mark option include an electrically interlocked safety enclosure.


Typical features and specifications include:

MTU Specifications

Industry Solutions

MTU’s can often be used in the following industries:

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