Vaporspooler Video Gallery

Coil Winding Video

A VaporSpooler is used to wind coils of optical fiber on a very simple homemade winding mandrel. The UniSpooler can be used in exactly the same way. The VaporSpooler/UniSpooler is a simple yet versatile tabletop respooler for use with fine wires and filaments. It is demonstrated here making coils of optical fiber.

Showmark VaporSpooler for Spooling and Coiling Kanthal Wire

The VaporSpooler can be set up very quickly for each combination of wire and spool to be wound onto. Once it is configured, the operator pushes one button to commence spooling. They can walk away as each spool is wound with neat and even tangle free layers. The system automatically stops with .6% length repeatability. The Multi-Spool Quick Slide (MQS) attachment allows batches of spools to be wound for faster production. The MQS is included in all systems.