UniSpooler Video Gallery

Wire Spooling Machine for Wire Cleaning, Coating, & Annealing Processes

UniSpooler specially configured for wire annealing, cleaning, inspection, and other processes.

Fine Wire and Filament Respooler with Powered Payoff

Showmark, LLC’s Powered Payoff UniSpooler is ideal for fine or delicate materials that need to be wound at low tensions from a heavy supply spool onto new spools with neat and even layers. The tabletop machine combines a motor assisted payoff with a take-up section that drives through a smooth turning electronic slip system. The material is pulled from the driven supply spool with a desired tension. The take-up section synchronizes with the rate from the supply and automatically stops at a desired length with approximately .6% accuracy. The machine can support spools weighing up to 100 pounds.

UniSpooler at Work

UniSpooler HST (High Speed Touch)

Showmark 800 rpm wire respooling machine with touchscreen interface.

Respooling .035” Welding Wire

Using a Showmark UniSpooler to wind a one pound spool of .035″ welding wire. After careful setup the UniSpooler can wind spools with neat and even rows of wire throughout most of a spool. The outer layers usually require some manual correction. The machine shown is an in-house test machine. An actual UniSpooler is smaller, usually with tabletop design. The winding action is the same.