The UniSpooler is a versatile yet easy-to-use tabletop system for respooling fiber or wire from bulk spools to take-up spools or mandrels. It was originally designed for use with optical fiber, but its many options allow it to be configured for tasks ranging from respooling larger gage wires and cable to delicate coiling applications in the telecom, sensor, 3D printing, and medical fields. A range of tension control options, spool capacities, and sizes are offered. It is easy to use, small in size, reliable, and priced right for any sized operation.

Note: We now offer the VaporSpooler pre-configured for Kanthal, NiChrome and other resistance wires used in the e-cigarette and vaping industry.

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Brochure – UniSpooler Respooler
Brochure – Powered Payoff UniSpooler
Brochure – 3D Filament Spooling Solutions

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Typical features and specifications include:

  • A traversing wire guide head is synchronized with the motion of the take-up spool to produce even layers of material on the take-up spool
  • Adjustable winding pitches are available from approximately .1mm - 15mm (.003 - .6 inches)
  • Traverse lengths from 10 - 300mm (.4 – 12 inches)
  • Winding speeds from 0-400rpm
  • Open or closed-loop constant tension control with ranges from 15g – 4kg  (.7oz – 8.8 lb)
  • Up to .06% accurate length measurement and control with English or Metric display
  • A variety of shaft sizes or chucks for holding a wide range of spool sizes and mandrels
  • Most systems include Universal Spool Adapters for mounting a variety of spool sizes without additional tooling
  • Extremely smooth guide wheels with bearings for delicate fibers or heavy cable
  • CE-Mark option includes an interlocked safety enclosure, power reset circuit, and appropriate documentation
  • 120 or 230VAC operation

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