Special Purpose Take-up Systems

The OTT-Mini is an integral part of these special purpose take-up systems. 

2-Axis Take-up System

The stackable design of the OTT-Mini makes it ideal for multi-wire winding applications. Each OTT section can operate as a complete single axis take-up providing independent controls for speed, tension, and spool dimensions. This results in excellent wind quality regardless of variations in wire-to-wire line speeds and tension. Each section can include closed-loop tension control, length counters, and tachometers. 

Pull-N-Spool System w/optional Diameter Control

A servomotor driven belt capstan is paired with an OTT-Mini to pull material at a precise speed before winding neatly onto a spool. The pull speed can be constant, or it can vary based on feedback from a laser micrometer. Pull-N-Spool systems are used for coating applications or to accurately control the final diameter of material exiting an extruder or optical fiber draw tower.

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