Over-The-Top Take-ups (OTT)

The OTT (Over-The-Top) family of take-up units is ideal for a range of materials from optical fiber and very fine gauge wires to heavy cables. They feature a traversing wire guide that steers the material back and forth onto the rotating spool to produce neatly wound reels that unwind without snags or tangles. The motions of the traverse and rotating spool are synchronized. They automatically maintain winding pitch even if the speed is changed. An OTT can also be equipped with an electronic clutch to produce a desired tension from a few grams to several pounds while winding. The winding speed automatically synchronizes with the feed rate of the material and keeps steady tension – even if the material flow stops. The pitch rate and spool width are easy to adjust and can be changed on the fly. Three standard sizes – Mini, Medium, and Max – are offered for spool diameters up to 36 inches weighing up to 300 pounds. Each unit has a clean look and is designed with operator safety in mind. No motors, clutches, belts, or chains are exposed. The traverse stroke can be sized to accommodate almost any width of spool. Request A Quote
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Options include:

  • Electronic tension control, length tracking, linear speed readout, and wire break detection.
  • All sizes are available with Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left material flow.
  • The Mini and Medium sized versions are also available in modular stackable versions for multi-wire winding applications.
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    Weight 200 lbs