Optical Slip Ring Payoffs and Take-ups

Showmark’s Optical Slip Ring Payoffs and Take-ups allow the optical characteristics of a spool of fiber optic wire to be monitored while it pays off or is wound onto. This can be helpful for applications that cannot tolerate optical losses due to microbends, high winding tension, or other winding anomalies. Showmark’s Slip Ring machines make it possible to:

  • Detect problems before spooling is complete
  • Save spools before they are beyond repair
  • Record optical characteristics while winding

Slip ring or optical rotary joints give access to the inside leaders of the rotating spools so that an OTDR, Optical Power Meter, or other instrumentation can monitor the properties of the spool in real time. This may make it possible to detect problems as they occur and allow corrections to be made before proceeding to a point where the spool cannot be salvaged. This can save hours of work and valuable fiber for some processes. Request A Quote

Spooling Data Input Form

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