Multi-Axis Systems

Showmark produces multi-axis payoff and take-up systems for extruding, annealing, cleaning, and winding applications. They can be configured for use with wire, optical fiber, and plastics such as 3D Printing Filament.

Systems can be custom built and dedicated to an application, or configured using our flexible Modular Take-up Systems (MTS). MTS systems can be taken apart and reconfigured as needed throughout a factory.

Multi-axis systems typically include independent control of the following parameters for each axis:

  • Winding parameters for each axis are independent – Different sized spools and materials can be run on each axis.
  • Tension control – Each spool is equipped with its own braking system or closed-loop electronic slip clutch.
  • Length tracking – If desired, a target length can be set for each axis in a system. It will stop automatically when the length is reached.
  • Speed control – Speed can be set for each axis to maintain constant RPM’s or constant linear speed.

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