Modular Takeup System (MTS)

The Modular Take-up System (MTS) is comprised of small modules that can operate as independent take-up units, or they can be stacked on top of each other, or back to back, to create a multi-wire take-up system. A stack of modules can conveniently be taken apart and rearranged as needed for use throughout a factory. In a multi-wire system, up to four modules can share power from a single power outlet. Each module remains an independent system with its own speed and winding settings.

The MTS modules produce spools with neat and even layers of material. They feature a traversing guide head that steers the material onto the rotating take-up spool. The traversing guide is synchronized with the rotation of the take-up shaft. The shaft is driven through an electronic clutch. It will only pull as hard as the clutch setting allows, and will safely “slip” at the desired tension level. The operator is able to quickly set the winding pitch and adjust the traversing window to match the spool width. Adjustment knobs for speed and tension are provided on the control panel. All adjustments can be made “on the fly.”

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Typical features and specifications include:

  • Approximate size: 21-in long x 15-in deep x 13-in tall
  • Tension control range: 10-1000 grams (based on a 6-inch spool). Other ranges are available
  • Available closed-loop tension control
  • Operating speed: 0-500rpm
  • A variety of shaft sizes or chucks for holding a wide range of spool sizes and mandrels
  • Most systems include Universal Spool Adapters for mounting a variety of spool sizes without additional tooling
  • Spool flange diameters up to 300mm (other sizes are available)
  • Adjustable winding pitches are available from approximately .1mm – 15mm
  • (.003 – .6 inches)
  • Traverse lengths from 10 – 300mm
  • (.4 – 12 inches)
  • Length and/or speed display is available
  • The only contact surfaces are low friction rollers on the traversing guide.
  • Right-to-left or left-to-right winding
  • 120 or 230VAC operation
  • Each MTS module includes a 120VAC accessory power outlet for powering additional modules. This allows a single 120VAC outlet to power a multi-wire system