The ErgoSpooler is a fully customizable system designed for precision winding applications where an operator’s assistance or monitoring is required. It is designed to be comfortable for an operator to sit at for long periods of time. The ErgoSpooler is a PC based system that includes all of the features of the DigiSpooler with the addition of a 15 inch color touchscreen interface and foot pedal control. Additional features include a custom report generator and a high magnification color camera system.

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Brochure – ErgoSpooler
Brochure – Programmable Respoolers


Typical features and specifications include:

  • 15-inch color touchscreen interface located within easy reach of a seated operator
  • Onboard or networkable Recipe Manager for storing all setup parameters for thousands of spool/mandrel and fiber combinations
  • Standard or customizable winding reports that can be printed or saved in the included PC
  • A variety of shaft sizes, chucks, or sliding tailstocks for holding a wide range of spool sizes and mandrels
  • Standard traverse ranges (= spool width) are available up to 350mm (14 inches)
  • The system can wind in a helical or stepped pattern
  • Winding pitch or step is settable between 10µm and 100mm with 1µm resolution
  • The winding speed is adjustable from approximately 0-400rpm. The speed can be entered in rpm, meter/minute, or feet/minute
  • Bidirectional winding capability
  • Foot pedal for hands free speed control
  • Several closed-loop tension control options are available with ranges from 10 – 1000 grams (.35 – 35 ounces)
  • Typical stopping repeatability is within 100mm for each kilometer wound
  • All contact surfaces are very low friction rollers
  • Wire break detection
  • Optional high magnification digital cameras available for assisting the operator
  • 120 or 230VAC operation