Custom Take-ups

Many processes or materials require a take-up system tailored just for them. Whether it is a delicate fiber, plastic tubing, strip material, or an odd sized or shaped spool, Showmark can usually provide a spooling solution that meshes cleanly with the rest of the process. The systems can range from simple winders with mechanical traverses, to programmable servomotor driven systems that precisely place the material on the spool in neat and even layers. We are experienced with many technologies and will choose the right solution for your needs. Our winders have been used for fiber optic wire, medical tubing, soft solder wire, .0001 inch tungsten wire, 1-inch wide plastic strip, and even hair thin wax filament. Systems have been provided for winding onto standard spools, skeins, collapsible mandrels, and non-round spools. Please contact us to discuss your custom requirements.
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