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Showmark makes it easy to Buy Online.  We sell Guide Wheels, Spools,  Adaptors, other parts and complete machines.

GUIDE WHEELS – Showmark stocks 80mm and 30mm OD Guide Wheels (sheaves).  Our sheaves feature smooth surfaces and very efficient bearings making them ideal for use with optical fiber and other delicate wires and filaments.

Our Universal Spool Adaptors come with 10 mm shafts, 15 mm shafts and 20 mm shafts.

Spool adaptors allow you to mount any spool with the following arbor (center bore) sizes:
—for 10 mm shafts – adapts to 12-46 mm arbor size
—for 15 mm shafts – adapts to 17-53 mm arbor size
—for 20 mm shafts – adapts to 22-58 mm arbor size
See below to purchase.

SPOOLS – padded and standard or double wide. Our padded spools come with a 4 in and 8 in OD. The standard width and double wide fiber optic wire spools are ideal for fiber optic and other fine wires.

We currently sell our VaporSpooler Resistance Wire Respooler online. Just let us know how we can help you (610) 458-0304.