Best Optical Fiber Handling Solutions: Showcasing Our Winding Machines

Optical Fiber Handling

Optical fiber technology is a cornerstone of modern communication and data transfer, demanding precision and reliability in every aspect of its handling. We understand the intricacies and demands of optical fiber handling and have developed a suite of winding machines designed to meet these challenges with precision and efficiency. From the versatile UniSpooler to the high-tech DigiSpoolers and the ergonomic ErgoSpooler, our equipment is engineered to provide solutions that enhance productivity and accuracy in fiber optic and wire winding applications across various industries. We’ll explore the features, benefits, and industry applications of our top-tier winding machines.

The Versatile UniSpooler: A Universal Optical Fiber Handling Solution

The Showmark UniSpooler stands out as a hallmark of versatility and efficiency when it comes to winding machinery. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of applications, this machine is a universal solution for handling optical fiber, fine wires, and other delicate filaments. Its unique tabletop design makes it a compact and space-efficient addition to any workspace and allows for extensive customization. This adaptability ensures that the UniSpooler can be customized to meet the specific needs of various winding tasks, whether for general-purpose respooling or precision applications. Its user-friendly nature simplifies the winding process, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from small-scale workshops to large industrial settings.

The UniSpooler’s design emphasizes precision and control. It incorporates a synchronized traversing wire guide head, which works in harmony with the motion of the take-up spool. This synchronization is critical for producing even and consistent layers of material on the spool, a fundamental requirement for high-quality winding. The machine offers adjustable winding pitches, providing the flexibility to handle various material sizes and winding styles. From delicate optical fibers requiring minute precision to more robust wire types, the UniSpooler adjusts seamlessly to the task, ensuring optimal results every time.

Key features of the UniSpooler include:

  • Versatile Winding Speeds: Capable of operating at 0-800rpm, it caters to various materials and winding requirements, ensuring optimal tension and integrity of the wound product.
  • Sophisticated Tension Control: Open and closed-loop constant tension control systems. These systems provide a tension range from 15g to 4kg, accommodating everything from the most delicate fibers to heavier cables, thereby preventing material breakage and ensuring uniform winding.
  • Precision Length Measurement: With an accuracy of up to 0.06%, the UniSpooler offers precise length control. The dual metric and English display options make it user-friendly and adaptable to global industrial standards.
  • Adaptable Spool Handling: It is equipped to handle a variety of spool sizes and mandrels, thanks to its diverse shaft sizes and chucks. Most systems also include spool adapters for mounting various spool sizes, reducing the need for additional tooling.
  • Smooth Guide Wheels: These are especially beneficial for handling delicate fibers or heavy cables, ensuring the material is not damaged during the winding process.
  • Safety and Compliance: For regions requiring CE marking, the UniSpooler comes with an interlocked safety enclosure, power reset circuit, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards.

From fiber optics to aerospace and beyond, the UniSpooler is a shining example of how advanced machinery can elevate operational efficiency and product quality, representing Showmark’s commitment to excellence and innovation in optical fiber handling solutions.

DigiSpoolers: Combining Precision with High-Tech Control

DigiSpoolers represent the epitome of high-precision and technologically advanced winding solutions offered by Showmark. These machines are specifically designed to handle the demands of optical fiber and fine wire winding with extraordinary precision and control. The DigiSpooler I and DigiSpooler II showcase how cutting-edge technology can be seamlessly integrated into winding machines to enhance functionality and user experience.

The DigiSpooler I, typically a tabletop system, has a user-friendly 6-inch color touchscreen interface. This interface makes the machine highly accessible and easy to operate, allowing for quick adjustments and monitoring of the winding process. The DigiSpooler II, on the other hand, is a floor-standing system that features a more extensive 17-inch color touchscreen. This larger interface is connected to a Windows Pro PC, offering greater customization and the ability to host user programs. The flexibility in the interface design between the two models ensures that they can cater to a wide range of operational scales and complexities, from smaller, more compact operations to larger, industrial-scale productions.

Key features of the DigiSpoolers include:

  • Advanced Touchscreen Interfaces: Both models come with intuitive touchscreen controls, providing ease of use and precise command over the winding process.
  • Recipe Manager: A password-protected feature allows storing setup parameters for numerous spool and fiber combinations. This includes length, speed, pitch, and tension settings, enabling quick setup for recurring tasks.
  • Precise Traverse and Winding Pitch Control: Standard traverse ranges are available up to 350mm, with winding pitch adjustable between 0 and 100mm with 1μm resolution, ensuring extreme accuracy in the winding process.
  • Flexible Spool Handling: Both models are compatible with a wide range of spool and mandrel sizes and include spool adapters for mounting various spool sizes without additional tooling.
  • Adjustable Speed and Tension Control: The winding speed is adjustable up to 400rpm, with several closed-loop tension control options available, ranging from 5 to 5000 grams. This versatility ensures optimal handling of different materials.
  • Additional Functionalities: Features like bidirectional and reversible winding capability, wire break detection, and the Flange Detect option, which maps the flange locations of each spool, add layers of sophistication to the winding process.
  • Safety and Compliance: The CE-Mark option includes an interlocked safety enclosure and power reset circuit, meeting high safety standards.

The combination of high-tech control, precision, and customization makes the DigiSpoolers an ideal choice for industries where accuracy and repeatability are paramount. Whether for medical, military, fiber optic, or wire applications, DigiSpoolers offer a solution that embodies precision, efficiency, and technological advancement, reflecting Showmark’s dedication to leading the way in optical fiber handling solutions.

ErgoSpooler: Prioritizing Precision and Operator Comfort

The ErgoSpooler has been specifically developed for applications where operator interaction or monitoring is crucial. This machine combines the high-precision winding capabilities essential in handling delicate materials like optical fibers with an ergonomic design that prioritizes the comfort and efficiency of the operator. The ErgoSpooler’s design allows the take-up spool and the operator interface to be within easy reach, facilitating a more comfortable and productive working environment.

At the heart of the ErgoSpooler is a 4-axis servo motor control system, which guarantees smooth starts and stops with an impressive 0.06% length repeatability. This high level of precision is crucial for applications where even the slightest deviation can compromise the quality of the final product. To further enhance the user experience, the ErgoSpooler is equipped with a convenient foot pedal, allowing the operator to keep both hands free for additional tasks, increasing efficiency and comfort during the winding process.

The features of the ErgoSpooler are specifically designed to cater to a range of winding needs:

  • Interactive Touchscreen Interface: The machine includes a PC-based, 17-inch color touchscreen interface, offering an intuitive and user-friendly way to control the winding process. This interface also stores several hundred winding recipes, allowing for quick and easy setup changes, and includes a report generator for tracking and documenting the winding results.
  • Customizable Tension Control: The tension control range is versatile, starting from as low as 5g up to 5 kg, providing precision control for a broad spectrum of materials, from the most delicate fibers to heavier wires.
  • Adaptable Spool Configurations: The ErgoSpooler can accommodate various-sized shafts for standard-style spools and mandrels. Additionally, it can be fitted with chucks or a sliding tailstock, offering flexibility for unique winding requirements and ensuring adaptability to a range of industry-specific needs.
  • Enhanced Operator Comfort: The ergonomic design places the take-up spool and the operator interface within easy reach, minimizing operator strain and fatigue, which is especially important in prolonged or intricate winding tasks.
  • Optional High Magnification Digital Microscope and Camera System: This option is invaluable for applications requiring close inspection of the winding process, ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained.

These features demonstrate Showmark’s commitment to providing precision in winding technology and ensuring a user-friendly and operator-centric design. The ErgoSpooler’s blend of technical sophistication and ergonomic consideration makes it an exemplary choice in environments where operator interaction and precision are equally important, such as in the fiber optic, military/aerospace, and medical industries. This machine exemplifies Showmark’s dedication to innovative solutions that address the technological and human aspects of industrial processes.

Customization and Industry Applications With Optical Fiber Handling

Each machine is designed with the capability to be customized, ensuring that they align perfectly with the specific requirements of different applications. This flexibility is crucial in industries where precision and adaptability are key, such as medical device manufacturing, aerospace engineering, fiber optics, and military applications. Customization options range from adjustable tension controls and spindle sizes to interface modifications, allowing each machine to be finely tuned to the exact specifications of the task.

The industries that benefit from Showmark’s winding solutions are as varied as the features of the machines themselves. For instance, the precision and cleanliness required for winding delicate fibers and wires used in medical devices are non-negotiable in the medical field. Showmark’s machines offer the necessary precision and control, ensuring that medical-grade materials are handled with utmost care and accuracy. 

In the aerospace and military sectors, where reliability and compliance with stringent standards are paramount, the DigiSpoolers’ advanced features and customization options ensure they meet these high-stakes requirements. Their precise control systems and robust build quality make them suitable for applications where even the slightest deviation can have significant consequences. These machines’ advanced features and customizable options provide the necessary assurance of quality and consistency.

In the optic sector, where precision winding is essential for the integrity and performance of fiber cables, machines like the UniSpooler and ErgoSpooler offer the necessary precision and adaptability. Their ability to handle delicate materials with exact tension control and precise winding patterns is invaluable.

Showmark’s commitment to meeting industry-specific needs extends beyond the capabilities of the machines themselves. We understand that each industry has its regulatory and safety standards. As such, options like the CE-Mark for European compliance on some models demonstrate Showmark’s dedication to delivering high-performance optical fiber handling solutions and ensuring that these solutions adhere to the stringent safety and regulatory standards of the industries they serve. This comprehensive approach to catering to diverse industry needs underscores Showmark’s position as a leader in providing specialized and adaptable winding solutions.

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At Showmark, we are dedicated to delivering not just machines but comprehensive winding solutions tailored to your specific industry needs. Whether you require precision winding for delicate optical fibers, robust solutions for aerospace applications, or customizable options for medical technology, our team is ready to assist. Our experts are available to discuss your unique requirements, provide detailed information, and guide you in selecting the ideal winding machine that aligns with your industry challenges. Contact us today to discover how Showmark can be your partner in navigating the complexities of fiber handling and winding processes, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.


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