Showmark MultiSpooler Braider Bobbin Batch Winder

Showmark Solutions for Production of Spools of Fishing Line and other Fine Filaments: Showmark LLC, manufacturers a full line of production winding and spooling systems for fishing line and other fine filaments. This video highlights some of the products, especially the MultiSpooler in an actual production atmosphere. The MultiSpooler was originally developed for the fishing line industry, but it works with other flexible wires or filaments. It winds neat and even rows of material at speeds up to 1000rpm onto up to a 24 inch long stack of spools with automatic transitioning between each spool. The operator only needs to attach the line onto the first spool. The 5-axis servomotor driven system includes an easy to use color touchscreen interface with a Recipe Manager for storing thousands of spool and filament combinations. The systems are also networkable for control and recipe input from a central PC.

Showmark MultiSpooler High Speed Fishing Line Winding Machine:

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