measuring system

Measuring & Flattening Machines

Our measuring & flattening machines provide solutions to unique needs in the wire and fine filament industries. Our flattening machine flattens copper wire, any fine wire, and stainless steel wire. Current specialty systems include:

Precision Pull to Length Unit for precise measurement of wire length
Wire Flatteners and Rolling Mills for precision flattening of fine wire
Flattening Machines for copper wire or any fine wire including stainless steel wire.


The Precision Pull to Length Unit accurately measures material as an operator pulls it from a supply spool.
Its integral clamping system provides
a repeatable location for cutting the material and also allows the operator
to maintain control of each end after a cut is made. The system shown is for steel cables. A lighter duty unit is also available for fiber optic wire and other fine filaments. The measurement is displayed on a digital readout typically with .06% accuracy.


Showmark’s precision wire flattening mill was originally designed for producing tabbing or interconnect wire for the solar industry. It flattens wire with a tolerance to within +/- 2 microns. It features carbide flattening rolls that can be easily adjusted for different wire thicknesses. A digital readout indicating the roll gap is included for assisting in the setup. The mill can be provided as a stand alone bench top unit with a complete drive system, or it can be incorporated by Showmark into a fully integrated flattening, and respooling system. CLICK HERE for a CE-Marked version. Please contact Showmark for more information.