Industry Solutions

Our winding and spooling machines meet the needs of many industries. Some common machine applications are found here for industries we have served. Hover over the industry picture below to find out how Showmark fits in your industry.

Showmark systems are used for the following in the Fiber Optics field:

  • Draw Tower Take-up Systems
  • Proof Testers – Tensile and bend test types
  • General purpose and precision respooling of bare fiber for use in Delay Lines, EDFA’s, Bragg Filters and various optical fiber-based sensor products

Fiber Optic

Showmark systems are used by the Wire industry for:

  • General purpose respooling
  • Perfect Level-Winding
  • Wire drawing take-up units
  • Payoffs and Take-ups for wire jacketing extruders
  • Payoffs and Take-ups for annealing, cleaning, and inspection systems
  • Spark test systems


Medical industry applications for Showmark systems include:

  • Spooling Catheter Tubing as it is extruded
  • Winding batches of braider bobbins for use on braiders
  • Braider take-up units
  • Suture and specialty wire spooling and inspection
  • Winding delicate wire as it exits an extruder or other coating process


Showmark systems are used by the 3D Printing industry for:

  • Winding filament as it exits an extruder
  • Respooling bulk spools onto retail sized spools
  • Filament inspection

3D Printing

Showmark systems are used for the following in the Military and Aerospace industries:

  • Precision FOG Coil Winders
  • Twisting and helical winders for high speed optical and wire-based payout cannisters used in precision guided systems

Military / Aerospace

Showmark systems are used by the Fishing industry for:

  • High production batch winding of retail spools from bulk spools or hanks
  • Winding individual spools from bulk spools
  • Winding filament onto bulk spools as it exits an extruder
  • Winding batches of bobbins for use on braiders
  • Line winders used by tackle shops and individuals for loading reels



Typical projects

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