Showmark Machines FAQs

Is it possible for me to modify or upgrade the software in my DigiSpooler or other programmable digital spoolers?

Yes, you can upgrade the software or add a new revision. We can send updates along with download instructions by email. It usually requires a flash drive and a laptop computer with an Ethernet cable.

I need to replace 2 fairly simple rewinders. The first is for coax cable on 6″-12″ spools, the other is for fine wire coax on 6″ spools. Both need to be able to measure length of cable spooled. Do you have machines that can handle this?

Yes, we manufacture machines that will work for you. 6″ to 12″ spools work very well with our machines. We have no minimum size requirements for spools. Typically, the maximum spool size that works with our machines is 40 inches. The maximum weight of the full spool is approximately 100 pounds.

Additionally coax cable, the kind used for connecting your TV to the cable signal box, works with our machines. Because of its stiffness, it would probably require our Pinch Roller Counter (PRC) length tracking system and also an upgraded (more ruggedized) traversing unit to guide the wire onto the take-up spool. Fine wire coax should also work with our machines.

How big of a wire can be wound on a respooler or winding machine?

The maximum size wire or fiber that our machines can accommodate is typically 3 gage (approximately .25 inch including the jacket).

How small of a wire can be wound on your respoolers or winders?

There is not a minimum size that can be wound on a Showmark winding machine. The limitation is usually determined more by the maximum tension that a wire can withstand. We have wound 0.0001 inch diameter tungsten wire without a problem. The minimum winding tension we typically specify for the machines is 10 grams.

Can I wind Kanthal or other resistance wires used for e-cigarettes on your machines?

Yes. The VaporSpooler is ideal for use with Kanthal, NiChrome and most other fine resistance wires used for vaping and e-cigarettes. We have two models to choose from.

I am going to purchase a respooler from Showmark. What will be the lowest tension I can wind with?

The DigiSpooler and ErgoSpooler are specified down to 10 grams of winding tension. It may be possible to wind at slightly lower tensions at slow winding speeds. The UniSpooler will wind down to 20 grams of tension.

How big of a spool can be used on your machines – spoolers, winders, payoffs and take-ups?

The largest spools we have worked with were 40 inches in diameter and weighed approximately 50 pounds when full. We feel comfortable working with spools that weigh 100 pounds or less.

How small a spool can be used with your winding machines?

There is no minimum for the size spool that we can wind onto. The precision chuck option allows something as small as a needle to be mounted on the machine.

How fast can your winding machines go?

The standard UniSpooler winds at speeds up to 330rpm. The standard DigiSpooler and ErgoSpooler are configured to wind up to 400rpm. Faster speeds are possible for custom machines.

Are the respoolers available with reversible winding? I want to be able to back up after I see a problem.

The DigiSpooler and ErgoSpooler are available with reversible winding. The UniSpooler is not reversible.

What is the difference between reversible winding and bidirectional winding?

A reversible machine normally winds in only one direction. It will wind in reverse when needed, but the payoff spool will not traverse when reverse winding. This can lead to a build up of material in one spot on the supply spool if it is done for a long distance. It is only recommended for short distances to correct a winding error. A bidirectional machine winds equally well from right-to-left or left-to-right. This is because both spools on the machine are carried by traversing units. If it is run in reverse, it will rewind very neatly back onto the supply spool.

Can you integrate other equipment into the winders?

Yes, for example we have integrated laser micrometers, bump detectors, heaters, marking systems, and cameras into machines. Just ask us what you would like to integrate. Many peripheral devices – such as inspection or marking – can be incorporated into our systems.

How accurately do your winding machines measure length of wire or fiber?

For the UniSpooler, we specify length accuracy of 1% and repeatability of 0.5%. The accuracy of the DigiSpooler and ErgoSpooler are 0.1% and the repeatability is 0.05%.

What kind of warranty comes with your machines or equipment?

Our standard warranty is 1 year. This warranty covers parts and labor. It also covers travel in some cases. A warranty extension may be purchased at a cost of 6% of the machine’s selling cost for each year of additional coverage. Two additional years may be purchased.