FAQs Purchasing & Renting

FAQs Purchasing & Renting Machines

Q. What are your payment terms?
Once we know the details of your requirements, Showmark will send you a quotation addressing your application. Upon ordering your machine, a 60% upfront deposit is required. We will send an invoice for the deposit after receiving your purchase order. Once we receive your deposit, manufacturing of your machine begins. A completed machine usually is shipped in 8 to 14 weeks once the deposit is received. The time it takes to manufacture your machine depends on the complexity of the project as well as the availability of custom parts. The 60% required deposit is necessary to cover a portion of our upfront cost of manufacturing a custom machine.

Once your machine is complete and shipped to you, the terms are net 30 on the balance of the cost. The final payment for your machine is due to Showmark within 30 calendar days.

Leasing is available through a third party leasing agency. We are happy to connect you with a lending agency or you are welcome to use your own. Leasing may include an application fee. Leases typically have a 1 to 3 year term with a $1 buyout. You own the machine at the end of the lease. The first and last month’s payments are required with most leases.

Q. Are your Online Sales secure?
All online transactions are secure, and we test regularly to ensure PCI Compliant status.

Q. Do you rent respoolers?
At times we have a machine that can be rented. Rental of machines is dependent on availability.