DigiSpooler – Video Gallery

Please watch the brief videos below to learn more about our top seller respooler – the DigiSpooler.

Showmark DigiSpooler Precision Optical Fiber & Fine Wire Winder

This is a video of a DigiSpooler precision fiber and fine wire respooler. It is winding fiber optic wire at a speed of 50 meters per minute and with 25 grams of tension. This particular machine includes a 10-100 gram active closed-loop tension control system. It is fully reversible and tracks fiber length with .06% repeatability. The touchscreen computer interface can store setup recipes for several hundred combinations of spools and fiber. Placement of the fiber on the spool is controlled by a 250mm stroke traversing system with up to 12 micron placement accuracy. This is a CE-Marked system which includes an electrically interlocked safety enclosure.

DigiSpooler II – Part 1

The DigiSpooler II – Part I


is a precision servomotor driven tabletop respooler designed for optical fiber and other fine wires and filaments. It has many standard features and options including:

Touchscreen Interface, Active Closed-Loop Tension Control, Recipe Storage, Password Protection, English or Metric Display, Bi-Directional and Reversible Winding, Automatic Flange Detection, Wire Break Detection, CE-Mark, and many others. Designed with a micron precision moving take-up, and optional moving payoff, it produces neat and even layers of material onto a spool or mandrel without twisting or adding stress to the product. It is a fully programmable system that can be customized for your specific winding application.

The DigiSpooler is a precision tabletop respooler for fiber optic wire and other fine filaments. This is not a quality movie, but it shows the machine in use. It is capable of winding with excellent precision, but it is not obvious from this clip. The machine was being tested.