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The DigiSpooler is a precision servomotor driven tabletop respooler designed for optical fiber and other fine wires and filaments.

Programmable – can store settings for 100’s of spool & fiber combinations
Winding Pitch – settable between 10µm and 25mm with 1 µm resolution
Precision Wire Length Tracking – 0.06% repeatability
Straight Wire Path – puts less stress on wire/less twisting – also ideal for ribbon wire or flat wire
Reversible & Bidirectional
Solid State Tension Control – typically
+/- 2 grams control
Standard features and options including:

Touchscreen Interface, Active Closed-Loop Tension Control, Recipe Storage, Password Protection, English or Metric Display, Bidirectional and Reversible Winding, Automatic Flange Detection, Wire Break Detection, CE-Mark, and many others. Designed with a micron precision moving take-up, and optional moving payoff, it produces neat and even layers of material onto a spool or mandrel without twisting or adding stress to the product.

It is a fully programmable system that can
be customized for your specific winding application.


Spooling Data Input Request Form

Additional Features & Specs
Brochure (download PDF)


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DigiSpooler II – Floor standing system with 17
inch Touchscreen Interface


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DigiSpooler with bidirectional
winding capability

Demo Video


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The Chuck Option is ideal for holding very small spools and mandrels


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Most systems include convenient
Universal Spool Adapters


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Standard touchscreen interface
makes setup easy