Coil Master FOG Winder– Additional Info

The Coil Master is capable of winding quadrupole, octupole, and for other patterns of fiber optic sensing coils. The Coil Master can wind dry or wet coils with a variety of adhesive types. The table below shows the standard features of the machine. Other custom configurations may be possible. Contact Showmark for more information.
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Wind Types Wet or Dry
Maximum Coil Diameter 6 inches
Maximum Coil Height 3 inches
Maximum Coil Length 5.5 Km
Fiber Diameter Range 100-250µm (coated)
Winding Speed Estimated 1.5Km per 8 hour shift
(wet wound)
Tension Control Range 3-50 grams, +/-0.50g
Safety Features Machine guards with safety interlocks,
software based crashed prevention,
fume extractor (for wet winding)
Footprint 87.4 x 20.3 inches
Optional Microscope with monitor and picture/video capture
Optional Fume Extractor