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Guide Wheels:
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80 mm Groove Guide Wheels
38 mm V-Groove Guide Wheels



Spool Adapters:
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10 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm shafts


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Padded, Standard & Doublewide


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Simple Take-up System
UniSpooler Respooler


Showmark sells guide wheels online. Rounded-Groove Guide Wheels that are 80 mm Guide Wheels are ideal for fine wires 1 mm in diameter or less. These wheels were orginally developed for fiber optic wire. The V-Groove Guide Wheels are 38 mm and are ideal for placing fiber optic wire. These can be purchased by filling out a Quote Request form or giving us a call at (610) 458-0304.

Our Universal Spool Adapters come with 10 mm shafts, 15 mm shafts, & 20 mm shafts. These spool adapters allow you to mount any spool with the following bore sizes:
—for 10 mm shafts – adapts to 11-46 mm bore size
—for 15 mm shafts – adapts to 16-54 mm bore size
—for 20 mm shafts – adapts to 21-58 mm bore size
Please give us a call to purchase our spool adapters.

Showmark sells spools – padded and standard or double wide. Our padded spools come with a 4 in & 8 in OD. The standard width and doublewide fiber optic wire spools are ideal for fiber optic and other fine wires.