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The DigiSpooler is a precision servomotor driven tabletop respooler designed for optical fiber and other fine wires and filaments.

Additional Features and specifications include:

Color touchscreen interface includes a password protected Recipe Manager for storing all setup parameters for several hundred spool and fiber combinations. Standard traverse ranges (= spool width) are available up to 350mm (14 inches)
Winding pitch is settable between 10µm and 25mm with 1 µm resolution
A variety of shaft sizes or chucks for holding a wide range of spool sizes
and mandrels
Most systems include Universal Spool Adapters for mounting a variety of spool sizes without additional tooling
The winding speed is adjustable from approximately 0-400 rpm. The speed can be entered in rpm, meter/minute, or feet/minute
Bidirectional winding capability
Several closed-loop tension control options are available with ranges from
10 – 1000 grams (.35 – 35 ounces)
Typical stopping repeatability is within 100mm for each kilometer wound
Wire break detection
Flange Detect option automatically senses and maps the flange locations of each spool
All contact surfaces are very low friction rollers
CE-Mark option includes an interlocked safety enclosure, power reset circuit, and appropriate documentation. 120 or 230VAC operation