About Us

Our winding road to success. The story of Showmark reads like a classic American business tale. The fiber optics industry was burgeoning in the 1990’s and it revolutionized the telecommunications industry. During this time, Scott Markovitz, our founder, was employed as a Sales Engineer by a distributor and integrator of motion-control products when he began to work with several companies using optical fiber in their telecom products. In 1999, one of Scott’s customers asked if his employer would build a machine for precisely winding optical fiber for use in Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA’s). His employer turned the project down, and seeing an opportunity, Scott offered to design and build the system in his basement. The EDFA winder worked well. Other systems were sold, and Showmark Machines was established. Since then, Showmark has evolved from a one-man basement operation into an international business with many products and customers throughout the world. In 2003, Showmark Machines became Showmark, LLC. We’ve moved twice and are currently based in Exton, Pennsylvania. In addition to fiber optics, we now offer winding solutions to the medical, solar, fishing, 3D printing, aerospace, and other industries.

Since 2000, Showmark has designed, built, and shipped over 500 winding and spooling machines for customers throughout the world. With over 60 years of combined motion control and machine design experience, our mission is to provide a comprehensive line of reliable and easy to use winding and spooling systems for use with fine to medium sized wire, optical fiber, and plastic filaments and tubing. We offer standard and customized solutions for general purpose or precision applications. In addition, we provide a range of Spooling Services using our in-house machines.

Showmark is proud of its over 18 years of established success and growth and looks forward to continuing that success with you. If you have questions or a winding need, please don’t hesitate to email us at email@showmarkcorp.com or call us at 610-458-0304.

Now every project can wind up great.