As an essential supplier to the Medical and Defense industries during the COVID-19 crisis, Showmark is open and will continue to support your winding needs through our products and services. Know that we are taking every precaution as directed by the government to help ensure the safety of our employees and families.

Spooling & Winding Machines

Showmark, LLC is a manufacturer of respooling and winding machines for delicate materials such as optical fiber, fine wire and other fine filaments. Standard and custom machinery includes Respoolers & Winders, Payoff Systems, and Take-Up Systems. We also produceĀ Custom Winding Machines for the 3D Printing, Telecom, Aerospace, Medical, Solar, Defense, and Fishing Industries.

Need Spooling & Winding Services? Send your material to Showmark, LLC on a bulk spool and Showmark will respool it onto smaller spools or free-standing coils. We also sell Spooling Machine Parts such as spool adapters, guide pulleys & sheaves, and spools for holding fiber optic wire and other fine wires.