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  Machines - For fine wire, fiber optic wire & fine filaments
Simple Take-up System with Length Counter
Simple Take-up System with Length Counter

The STS is a standalone single axis wire take-up system. It features a traversing head that is synchronized with the rotation of the take-up shaft. The operator of the take-up machine will be able to set the winding pitch and adjust the traversing window to match the spool width. An adjustment knob for speed is provided on the front of the module. An LCD length counter is also included. Contact Showmark to order. Other specifications include:

  • The only contact surfaces are low friction rollers on the traversing guide.
  • A Universal Spool Lock Hub System is provided for the 10mm diameter take-up shaft. No tools are needed to mount any spool having a bore diameter from 11-47mm.
  • Traverse range: Adjustable from 13-125mm (.51-6.25 inches)
  • Winding pitch: Adjustable from .310-3.10mm (.012-.120 inches)
  • A spring-loaded clip with felt pads is provided for applying tension to the wire
  • Operating speed: 0-300 rpm
  • Power Input: 120VAC

This machine takes approximately 8 weeks for delivery. Contact Showmark
for delivery.

Showmark will contact you to determine delivery charges.

Item No. Item Amount Qty.
STS-CT1 Simple Take-up System with Length Counter $9,485.00

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